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seed dehulling machine
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seed dehulling machine


Peanut shelling machine is through the high-speed rotation of the body, peanut shell off, but also to maintain the integrity of the peanut machine.
1, shelling clean, high productivity, shelling machine on a cleaning device, but also requires a higher degree of cleanliness.
2, the loss rate is low, broken rate is small.
3, the structure is simple, reliable, easy to adjust, power consumption less, there is a certain degree of versatility, can take a variety of crops, in order to improve the utilization of machinery.
4, the peanut (skin) requirements. Suitable for wet and dry peanuts, too dry and broken rate is too high, too wet will affect the work efficiency.
5, winter shelling, shelling with warm water about 10 kg evenly sprayed on 50 kg of fruit, and plastic film covering 10 hours, and then in the sun for about 1 hour to start shelling, the other season with Plastic film covering time is about 6 hours, the rest are the same.
6, can be more dry peanuts (fruit) immersed in a large pool, dip immediately remove and covered with plastic film for about 1 day, then dried in the sun, to be suitable after the wet and dry shelling.
7, the voltage requirements and the choice of the workplace. Single-phase motor households and dispersed, coupled with the use of wires and circuits are not very standard, resulting in the user voltage far away from the transformer insufficient, so the workplace should choose closer to the transformer place.

working principle
Peanut shelling machine rack, fans, rotors, single-phase motor, the screen (size two), into the hopper, vibrating screen, triangular belt and its drive belt and other components. The normal operation of the machine, the peanut quantitative, uniform, continuous into the feed hopper, peanuts repeatedly hit the rotor, friction, collision, peanut shell broken. Peanut and broken peanut shell Rotating wind pressure and blow in the rotor, through a certain aperture of the sieve (peanut first threshing with a large hole sieve, cleared after the replacement of small fruit into a small hole sieve screen Second shelling), then, peanut shells, tablets by the rotating fan blowing force, light weight peanut shells are blown out of the body, peanuts through the sieve screening to achieve the purpose of clearance.

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