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Hot air dryer & Roaster
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Hot air dryer & Roaster


Hot air dryer & Roaster Description
1, Gas-fire Cashew firing apparatus mainly by the heater, fan, temperature control system, box four parts.
2, the heater part of the high-temperature porcelain-style wind tunnel, spiral imports of pure nickel-chromium high fever wire 2080, high-temperature stainless steel casing,lightweight crystal fiber insulation blanket, 95 porcelain patch panels and other components using one package manufacturing technology . With fast heating, thermal inertia,temperature control accuracy, long life and so on. (Gas-fire Cashew firing apparatus heater core components imported pure nickel-chromium alloy material 2080, some companies choose iron-chromium
aluminum heating material, nickel-chromium material regeneration wire, or low-quality nickel-chromium wire posing as 2080 pure nickel-chromium wire, thereby reducing production Cost. In the application, the general use of three months or six months, the durability of two products, stability, heat, accuracy, etc., there will be an essential difference,may result in the loss of the value of the product one-time scrapped, serious Lead to production safety accidents.)
3, the fan part of the unique design, low noise, can be recycled hot air, energy efficient. According to the actual needs of users need to configure different air pressure fan,flexible and practical, fan air volume can be adjusted according to production needs.
4, temperature control part of the control of high precision, with a variety of safety protection circuit, stable and reliable.

Industrial computer network can be automated program control, can be programmed according to user needs. Set and display the temperature for the digital, intuitive, temperature control deviation of ± 1 ℃.
5, the box part of the selected materials for small work quality steel plate, reasonable structure, high strength, durability, and ensure the stability of the whole machine performance.

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