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Automatic Hemp Seed Shelling Process line
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Automatic Hemp Seed Shelling Process line


Cannabis, your health choice!
The company relies on the Shandong Leader Machinery Co., ltd.'s accumulation of 20 million pieces of chemical technology and the special equipment with independent intellectual property rights, Shandong Leader Machinery Co., Ltd. peeled, separated and selected the cannabis seeds with its original processing technology. With the world's most advanced seed pre-cleaning, gravity selection, color sorting, X-ray inspection and other equipment, each step in the flow chart has 14 steps of processing operation and advanced design. In Canada, the United States, Europe and other foreign counterparts when compared with the finished product, no doubt, is the highest quality shelled hemp in this area.

The company is located in: hemp seed to a large area of pollution-free fertile farmland, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps tenth agricultural products production base for the production base, access to the certificate of origin and processor double certification. HACCP regulations are rigorously followed in plant manufacturing and routine management to deliver raw material samples from growing areas directly to SGS Canada Inc. THC conducts rigorous testing at Vancouver laboratories and each batch must be tested in our own physical and chemical tests Center strict testing, therefore, from the outset, we can say, Shandong Leader Machinery Co., ltd. Husked hemp seed because of its high quality, in the most high-end stage.

Shandong Leader Machinery Co., ltd. Hulless hemp seed is your best choice! Shandong Leader Machinery Co., ltd. Biology is an expert in organic cannabis seed foods.

Quality specifications:
Moisture: up to 8%
Admixture: up to 0.1%
Rotten core: up to 0.2%
Hull and shellless seeds: up to 0.2%

Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd.
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Address : No.15, Lanxiang Road, Tianqiao District, Ji'nan, Shandong, China

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