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Walnut shelling equipment
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Walnut shelling equipment


pine nut cracker machine is mainly used for shelling all kinds of hard shell nuts,such as almond,hazelnut,pistachio,camellia fruit and so on.

There are two type of this machine,single stage type and three stage type. Take three stage type for example.It is composed of sheller and hoister. It is automatic feeding with the hoister.It can shell hard nuts with three different levels at the same time.By adjusting the clearance of all levels of processing roller without grading the nuts,you can shell them at one time.
pine nut cracker machine has reasonable designment,with low damage rate.It is the most ideal hard nuts processing equipment currently.

2.The machine Features of pine nut cracker machine

1).Machine can shell various hard shell nuts,such as, almond, hazelnut, pistachio, camellia fruit and other hard shell nuts with different levels;
2).The whole kernel rate is high, the broken rate is low. High shelling rate of 98% and low damage rate of 5%;
3).Machine design is reasonable, easy to operate, and high-efficiency;
4).Apart from some parts, the rest is stainless steel;
5).It is composed by a hopper ,hoist and three grade processing husking rolls,and sieve,shaker at all levels of the materials;
6).It can simultaneously removing the hard shell of three different specifications of the almond, hazelnut , jujube because of its reasonabledesign,it enjoy a low broken rate and you can get the best nuts. It Can also be design as a small , single-stage design shelling;
7).The machine is mainly used for removing the hard sheller of various pecifications nuts.

3.Working principle of pine nut cracker machine
This machine professional use for broken the hard shell ,like the apricot and filbert to change the distance between the rollers of this machine ,can broken the different size shell of the products .because the size of the shell is different ,so it is better to broken the big size ,then broken the smaller size.

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