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Rapeseeds dehulling and separating equipment
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Rapeseeds dehulling and separating equipment


Corn thresher corn sheller, mainly composed of five parts, which are composed of five parts screen, rotor, feeding device, rack, roller and so on. The rotor is the core component of the entire corn sheller.

Corn thresher threshing efficiency level, length and thickness of the cylinder to determine the vulnerability of this corn thresher rotor, in the course should always check it for wear, when to wear when quarter it must be repaired or replaced spikes, used to ensure the balance of the rotor.

Technical parameters

Dimensions: length 920mm, width 860mm, height 760mm;

Total Weight: 70kg (without motor);

Spindle speed: 560 rev / min;

12 years of the new corn peeling machine (5)

Motor Wheel: φ70mm;

Productivity: 500-600kg / hr;

Off the net rate: 98%;

Auxiliary power: 1.6kw-2.2kw / 2-pole motor

Corn sheller works:

When the feed corn, corn have been hit in the high-speed rotation of the rotor and drum, separated by a sieve seed corn, corn cob discharged from the tail. Duct tape pumping apparatus corn sheller can absorb a lot of Sporisorium and skin, the stripper out of corn seed clean. To prevent loss of corn splash wounding, also we need to put a feed inlet lower front bezel

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