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Oil Press Machinery


The Introduction of the oil press machine:

The equipment can be used to extract vegetable oil by continuously pressing peanuts, rapeseeds,

soybeans, castor oil plant, sesame seeds, benne seeds, palm seeds, sunflower seeds, cotton seeds,

tea seeds, Tung seeds and etc.

Feature of the oil press machine:

1.The oil press machine could extract vegetable oil from various kinds of oil materials, soybean,

sunflower seeds, peanut, sesame, coconut, rapeseeds, Cotton seed, cashew, hemp seed, palm,

walnuts and all the oil content crops.

2.It has multiple functions, including screwing oil press, electrical element for heating chamber,

and vacuum filter for clearing oil.

3.Before pressing some parts of the press such as the press chamber, press screw and press

ring will be pre-heated. During pressing, the press can filter the oil in due time.

4.Only one machine the user could get the better edible oil after pressing and filtering, we can get pure

oil from materials.It can save labor and save cost: only 1 or 2people can finish the production. Small land using:only 10-5.20 square meters can meet the need of production.

6.The oil left in cake from oil extraction machine is less than 6%, and the oil cake thickness

can be adjusted once the machine stops running.

7.The Automatic Oil press Equipped with automatic temperature-controlling and oil-filtering device, automatic screw oil press is more efficient and labor-saving.

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