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Spices Dryer Sterilizer
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Spices Dryer Sterilizer


Spices Dryer Sterilizer Overview:
Spices/black pepper dryer --- microwave dryer in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical industry is widely used as a microwave drying equipment. Microwaves are radio waves at frequencies from 300 MHz to 300 GHz, and water molecules in heated media materials are polar molecules. Under the action of rapidly changing high-frequency magnetic field, its polarity orientation will change with the change of external electric field. Resulting in molecular friction effect of sports show, at this time field of microwave field can be transformed into medium heat, the material temperature increases, resulting in a series of heating and puffing physicochemical process to achieve the purpose of microwave heating and drying.
Spices/black pepper dryer --- microwave dryer applications include: food, wood, chemical products, tea, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, paper and other industries required for drying, sterilization, reaction, sintering, extraction, heating and so on. Application structure: tunnel, kiln, cabinet several types.

Spices/black pepper dryer --- microwave dryer Technical parameters:
1, Input Power: Three-phase five-wire 380V ± 10% 50Hz ± 1%
2, microwave output power: 30kW (adjustable)
3, microwave frequency: 2450MHz ± 50Hz
4, rated input apparent power: ≤ 45kVA
5, out of the mouth height: 50mm
6, the transmission bandwidth: 650mm
7, the transmission speed: 0.1 ~ 5m / min
8, Dimensions (L × W × H): about 11630 × 1310 × 1668mm
9, working environment: 0 ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity ≤ 80%
10, Spices/black pepper dryer --- microwave dryer production: dry dehydration 30kg per hour
11, in line with GB 10436-1989 workplace microwave radiation health standards
13, in line with GB / 5226.1-2002 mechanical safety machinery and electrical equipment

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