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Microwave Vacuum Drying Equipment
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Microwave Vacuum Drying Equipment


Microwave Vacuum Drying Equipment Overview:
Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd.'s Microwave Vacuum Dryer for lab use than the normal temperature and pressure tunnel microwave dryer design more complex,

more expensive, but more efficient drying, better drying quality of negative pressure drying equipment. Mainly used for drying, sterilization, extraction and other production processes of heat-sensitive materials. Due to the vacuum conditions,

the products are guaranteed to be produced at a very low temperature without changing the characteristics of the materials.
Under vacuum conditions, the water inside the object can be evaporated without warming. Due to the convection heat transfer under vacuum is difficult, only by means of heat conduction to the material to provide heat. Microwave heating is a radiant heating, microwave and material directly to the role of both inside and outside at the same time be heated, heating speed, drying efficiency, easy temperature control.
Microwave Vacuum Dryer for lab use is an energy-saving drying equipment combining microwave energy technology and vacuum technology.

It combines the advantages of microwave equipment and Microwave Vacuum Dryer for lab use
with the advantages of high dry output, good quality and low processing cost. In industrialized production, high-grade Chinese herbal medicines that can not be dried under high temperature conditions, such as some medicines, chemicals, nutritious foods and ginseng, velvet and other high-grade Chinese herbal medicines, must be dried at below 100 ℃ or at room temperature Under the conditions of 0.073 atm (7.37kpa), the boiling point of water is 40 ℃. So, in this state, the drying temperature will be lower, the drying speed will be faster.

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