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Microwave Extraction Equipment


Microwave Extracting Equipment Overview:
Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd.'s Microwave Equipment for Extracting consists of: tank, microwave cavity, stirrer, feeding port, feeding port, microwave source, discharging port and outlet port. Microwave Equipment for Extracting and conventional dynamic extraction tank structure similar to the difference between the steam jacket heated to microwave heating, the plane heated to three-dimensional heating, the heat source from the steam jacket wall to liquid feed itself fever. No matter what method, are the objects heated to reach a certain time, reaction and conversion of energy, the process of extraction to complete the effect.

Microwave Equipment for Extracting, also known as microwave extraction tank, is the use of microwave heating medium, extraction, microwave three-dimensional heating of the material to improve the extraction rate. In the microwave field, the difference in ability of various materials to absorb microwaves makes certain components in the matrix material or the extraction system selectively heated, so that the energy difference or potential difference generated within the material is poor, and the material to be extracted is enough Power is separated from the substrate or system. The mechanism of microwave extraction can be understood from two aspects.
On the one hand, the microwave heating equipment heats the extraction solution just like the microwave thawing equipment. The microwave penetrates the extraction medium and reaches the material's internal vascular bundle and the glandular cell system. Due to the absorption of microwave energy, the temperature inside the cell rises rapidly, causing the pressure inside the cell to exceed the expansion capacity of the cell wall and rupturing the cell. Free flow of active ingredients within the cell, the extraction medium at a lower temperature capture and dissolution. Extra material is obtained by further filtration and separation.
On the other hand, the electromagnetic field generated by the microwave accelerates the rate of diffusion from the extracted portion to the extraction solvent interface. When water is used as a solvent, the water molecules rotate at a high speed in the microwave field to an excited state, which is a high-energy unstable state or water Molecular vaporization, to enhance the driving force of extraction components; or water molecules to release energy back to the ground state, the energy released to other substances transmitted to accelerate the thermal motion, shorten the extraction component molecules from the material diffusion to the extraction solvent interface Of the time, so that the extraction rate increased several times, while also reducing the extraction temperature, to maximize the quality of extraction.

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